The Leonhardstrasse 12 is built


Original Mission statement:
«As all gentlemen aware of the dangers threatening our youth; knowing that these young boys are poorly educated and therefore in need of an accommodation as close to their fatherly home as possible, an ideal one has to encourage by any means necessary…”


Pricing for a room ranges between CHF 20 – 50. Meals are available for 1 franc per day.


The city of Zurich is installing electrical light.


The reconstruction of the staircase and the corridors is postponed for a year due to the war! 


The building «Auf-der-Mauer 21» has been bought.


11 nuns are looking after the house, 78 residents (almost all of them members of the Catholic Youth Society) are living and dining at the Maximilianeum.


Up to 280 roamers and passers-by are taken in, every day between 15-20 homeless obtain food and provision.


Oil heating is being installed and various renovations of the kitchen and rooms undertaken. Due to a reconstruction of the Leonhardstrasse the Maximilianeum is losing its front garden.


Log entry: «Even when occasional twists occur out of juvenile devilment, overall, the leadership of these young adults is excellent, especially the nightly prayers on Jesus-Fridays and the Christian circles.”


Three residents were dismissed due to severe violation of the house rules. Four apprentices were given the advice of «consilum abeundi» - to terminate their education.


Pricing for meals has increased to CHF 5.- per day.


The Max is turning 50! A celebrational service is held.


For the first time in history over a hundred applicants have to be dismissed. Applicants have to give notice one year in advance.


The contract with the monastery “Obersassbach” is terminated and the last remaining nuns are leaving the Max. 10 new employees are taking the leadership.


The number of students is rising and the number of apprentices is decreasing. 


Log entry: «Most students are practicing Catholics. Above all, thanks to the religious spirit of our leadership we can offer them important impulses for their life. This effect is often shown later in their life when they return as grown men visiting the Max.”


The building Leonhardstrasse 14 (former: a facility for the blind) is bought. The following year, on February the 17th the big reconstruction begins: The locations Leonhardstrasse 12 + 14 as well as Auf-der-Mauer 21 are united to the current “Max 12”.


Establishing of sponsorship: “No resident should be excluded of the Maximilianeum because he can’t afford the prices”. As the first student dorm nationwide the Maximilianeum receives its own internet connection and website. In the following years residents become more international.


The Katharinawerk of Basel is taking the leadership of the houses for 10 years. Women are now permitted to stay at the Max. Meals on the weekends are cancelled and full board substituted with half board.


The administrators are directly employed by the Josef-association.


The Max is celebrating its hundred anniversary!


«Max 13» is open! In September, after finishing the reconstructions the first residents are moving in.


The walls in the hallways are repainted, the staircases and the kitchen are renovated. In Max 12 a separate kitchen for the students is installed. Over the following years all rooms get refurnished.


New kitchen utilities are being installed. With help of a professional chef a new menu plan is established to provide further variation on a healthy diet for all residents.