Who are we?

The “Maximilianeum” is a charitable institution that supports and encourages young adults who are willing to learn, live with, respect and socialize with others. Residents represent about 30 different nations; regard of other cultures, gender and religious beliefs are of utmost importance.

Our houses offer good value accommodation for young adults up to age 30 during their studies and/ or trainee period. We run 3 houses, with 135 rooms and almost 150 residents both men and women. Approximately 65% attend the ETH, 15% the UZH, and the rest other higher-level education institutions/ trainee-programs and interns.

At the "Max" we encourage a sustainable and environmentally friendly life-style. Respect, reduce, reuse.
The Max has existed for over a hundred years and should survive yet another! Our kitchen provides a healthy range of delicious foods, adapted to the seasons, and mostly locally produced. For the past years we've reduced our water and electric consumption. And our residents are welcomed to take their own actions or projects: May it be urban gardening, food sharing, recycling managment, a clothing-circle and many more!