Max 12

The main building, Max 12 is located at Leonhardstrasse 12. Students and trainees representing a multitude of cultures and backgrounds live here. The rent includes both breakfast and dinner. There is a communal area where students eat together and overall it is easy to socialize.

We offer:

  • 72 furnished single- / double-rooms; most with washbasin. A few of them with ensuite shower and/or large balcony.
  • WiFi throughout the whole building. Each room is equipped with an internet connection
  • Each floor has various seperate showers and toilets, even bathtubs
  • Dinner and breakfast Mon- Fri (see menu), free fruits and bread the whole week
  • Student kitchen in the main dining hall to be used over weekends
  • Dining hall, 2 TV-rooms, piano, meditation room, and study room
  • Roof terrace and green courtyard
  • 2 washing machines and tumble dryers, laundry room